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RESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has been petitioned through Justice Minister Mlambo Haimbe to institute investigations into missing files at the Lusaka High Court and delay in delivery of justice in high profile land disputes.

In this petition, Lusaka businesswoman Rosemary Bwalya, 67 and a mother of eight, says she has been fighting for her rights in the courts of law for 27 years but to no avail.

Ms. Bwalya says she is a litigant in the Lusaka High Court under cause numbers 2005/HP/0893, 2005/HP/0248, 2011/HP/826, 2005/HP/0237, 2020/HP/A012, 2020/HP/0742, in the Court of Appeal under cause number CAZ/08/139/2017, and in the Ndola High Court under cause number 1994/HN/CA4.

She says she has sought President Hichilema’s indulgence because she is reliably informed that about 40 files, among them two belonging to her, have allegedly gone missing since the UPND government came into power amid perceived high profile corrupt activities.

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Ms. Bwalya has appealed to the Head of State to institute investigations of all her cases to determine why delivery of justice has been delayed and denied for 27, 16, 13, and 10 years; and lately one year, two of which include Presidential decrees.

She said it is unbelievable that despite some of her cases having been referred to the Task Force which was established by the High Court for quick dispensation of justice, her cases were left out and none of them has been heard to its logical conclusion.

She seeks a determination as to whether it is legally tenable at law for a civil matter to take 27 years without justice being administered or delivered, having noted that her cases have been moved from one judge to another and that she was allegedly told in her face that no judge was interested in hearing her cases.

Ms. Bwalya said she is reliably informed that some judges have made it a resolve that she will never get justice in any of the courts of Zambia because she has exposed a lot of high profile criminal activities some of which involve judges who were involved in the vices when they were private lawyers before their appointment to the Bench.

She said she is a beneficiary of a Presidential Decree in two of the cases she is fighting in court, the decisions that were made by the office of then President late Levy Mwanawasa.

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