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A KAFUE Sugar Company Limited employee has been slapped with three months’ imprisonment for stealing two bags of brown sugar all valued at K356 with no lawful authority.

Appearing in the Lusaka magistrate court before magistrate Mwandu Sakala,  wasJimmy Mwanza, 39, a driver of Kafue Sugar Limited, accused of stealing two bags of brown sugar without lawful authority.

Mwanza said he was hungry and needed to buy some food to eat and to feed the family as he is the breadwinner of the family. “I only stole two 10kgs of sugar and I have admitted the charge. I am asking the court to have leniency on me. I needed to feed my family and it wasn’t my intention but I was so hungry  because the company had not paid us anything,’’ Mwanza said.

Facts are that, on September 24 2021, Mwanza jointly and whilst acting together with others did steal bags of sugar property of Kafue Sugar Company Limited. On that fateful day, the security officer was on duty by the gate side and upon searching he found him with two pockets of brown sugar and quickly reported the matter to the manager who reported the matter to the police.

Police apprehended him and managed to recover the bags of sugar

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The court sentenced Mwanza to three months imprisonment with hard labour.

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