‘Kamanga not the problem’

…as Damiano Mutale calls on HH to ‘fix’ FAZ


THE Zambia Football Coaches Association (ZAFCA) says the Andrew Kamanga led Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has done everything possible to ensure that the Chipolopolo does not miss crucial tournaments such as the World Cup and the Africa Cup.

Meanwhile, football administrator Damiano Mutale has written to President Hakainde Hichilema, complaining over a case he reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) over the alleged abuse of authority by FAZ president Andrew Kamanga.

In an interview, ZAFCA vice president Lewis Shambulo said it was unfortunate that the national soccer team failed to qualify for major tournaments despite the Andrew Kamanga executive having provided the team with everything it needed to qualify for the Africa Cup and the World Cup.

Shambulo said the only mistake the association made was to expose the team to a lot of coaches who would come with different philosophies.

“You cannot blame the administrators for the problem of not qualifying. The administrators have made sure that the team has everything needed and so far the Kamanga executive has tried to provide leadership and making sure that the team has everything it needs.

Shambulo is hopeful that FAZ has learnt a lot from the hiring and firing of coaches and would do better in selecting a new coach after Beston Chambeshi’s short term contract ended after the World Cup qualifiers.

He tipped the FAZ executive to pick a coach who is not attached to any club and give him a long term contract to avoid the changing of coaches.

Shambulo said we have a team as a country but there is need to ensure that there is consistency in team selection for Zambia not to miss the next Africa Cup of Nations.

Meanwhile, Mutale has called on President Hichilema to intervene in the matter where the FAZ president was reported to the ACC for abuse of public funds.

Mutale said there is need for Zambia to follow the examples of Cameroon and Congo DR, Tanzania and Ghana where the FA leaders have been prosecuted for abuse of authority.

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“It’s been over five years since we reported the case to ACC and no action has been taken so far. We have not been summoned to attest to the case and neither has Mr. Andrew Kamanga been summoned to defend himself despite providing ACC with evidence over the case,” Mutale said in his letter addressed to the president.

Mutale accused the ACC of favouring Kamanga.

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