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Seems like déjà vu

Seems like déjà vu

Dear Editor,

Firstly, I want to put it on record that I want this government to succeed. It’s in all our best interest that it succeeds.

Secondly, PF lost because they became tone deaf, made blunders and made anyone who advised them their enemy.

The UPND, in my judgement, were coming with a solid mandate that promised new ways of doing things because the old way of doing things was not attainable. We know what the old ways of doing things brought us. People voted for a turn away from that.

Alas, today, it seems many decisions the UPND government is making are giving some of us deja vu. The budget proposal continues to allocate more resources to debt and debt servicing.

Youths still have not been addressed to give them any type of hope. The old and recycled handlers are being given jobs. Cadres are being appointed.

Rule of law is still selective. Bail is still denied even after 48 hours without charges, as per the law of the land.

Shady characters are fraternising the high table throwing lots of money to buy friendship and influence.

While it’s early, some of these themes are starting to make people anxious. That the reforms we expected may not be coming any time. I pray that a more nationalistic agenda that puts youths into employment such as resumption of national service under ZNS can be prioritised.

That resources for redundant government bureaucracies be channeled to students and universities. That meritocracy be the only form of system to guide the new government. We stay hopeful.


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