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UPND must emulate PF on being charitable and caring for the wellbeing of the poor because so far they have proved to be tight fisted, a Lusaka senior citizen Julius Mandefu has said.

He said like was the case with PF, the ruling must be in a habit of rendering help to the needy in society.

Mr. Mandefu said UPND must start thinking about charity instead of always selfishly wasting money on themselves alone when there were citizens who were suffering.

He told the Daily Nation that he was shocked to see people spending millions of kwacha buying President Hakainde Hichilema’s clothes when there were people in the country who were going for days without a meal.

Mr. Mandafu said he was very shocked that people could be wasting huge sums of money to buy just mere clothing at such exorbitant prices when nothing had been channeled towards the poor.

“People should be mindful of others, especially the poor, if that money that was spent in buying all those things that were sold at the fundraising dinner was given to people who were suffering in orphanages it would have gone a long way in supporting them,” he said.

He said it was high time the rich individuals from the UPND started doing charity work by helping the poor rather than buying things that do not add any value to life.

“Even God could bless them if they took that path,” he said.

A North Western based business man bought the jacket which Mr Hichilema wore while in prison for 127 days, at K2.5 million at the Meet and Greet the President’ fundraising dinner at Mulungushi International Conference Centre on Saturday night hosted by the United Party for National Development.

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