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PATRIOTIC Front (PF) members especially those in areas where the parliamentary seats have been nullified must not be shaken, but should continue to soldier on because people on the ground are already missing the former ruling party,  while others are regretting voting for the UPND,’’ the PF has said.

Most people on the ground have no kind words for the ruling UPND, except those job seekers who are singing praises for UPND in order to be rewarded in one way or the other .

Kitwe PF chairman Evaristo Chilufya said the nullification of five PF seats was painful and disappointing but it was important for party members not to be shaken but to be prayerful and soldier on during these trying moments.

In an interview after the nullification of five PF seats,  Mr Chilufya said the party remained a formidable political force which should not be destroyed by powers of ‘darkness’ , retribution and tribalism.

“The loss in the August election was aimed at exposing the character of certain individuals who promised Zambians Heaven on Earth. In the few months, the UPND has been in government, we have seen undesirable elements of hate, bitterness and division.

“We have seen some dictatorial tendencies of trying to kill the PF in various ways, but this will not be allowed. So, am urging the PF members not to be shaken by the nullification of PF seats, but to soldier on because God will fight for us,’’ Mr Chilufya said.

Mr Chilufya said the UPND was unlikely to match the PF record of performance because it was pre-occupied with retribution, witch-hunt and careless talk which bordered on tribalism instead of uniting the nation and building on where the former ruling party had left.

He said the kind of retribution and witch-hunt being exhibited by the UPND was likely to set a bad precedent and could divide the nation if left unchecked.

Mr Chilufya advised the UPND to tone down on its careless language and warned that the silence of Zambians regarding the careless tantrums from the UPND leadership should not be taken for granted.

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