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PF members have just become crybabies for claiming that they are being persecuted when subjected to the law, says political activist, Dante Sanders.

Mr Sanders said in an interview that it was laughable that PF was claiming that they were being persecuted by the ruling party when visited by the law over their alleged criminal activities.

He said as far as he was concerned, there was no political witch-hunt in ensuring that justice prevailed.

“It is really laughable that today, PF can claim that they are being persecuted by President Hakainde Hichilema. How I wish they can remember how they persecuted the opposition when they were in power.

“What I am seeing is not a political witch-hunt but bringing up the corruption and criminal cases committed by the PF while in Government. Plunderers are plunderers and we know them. So let them not accuse HH of persecuting them,” Mr Sanders said.

Mr Sanders claimed that there was overwhelming evidence against some PF members over the alleged crimes they committed while in government.

On Sunday, PF member of the central committee, Brian Mundubile, said that the arrest of former Defence Minister Davies Chama was political persecution. Mr Mundubile said that the UPND was hell-bent on silencing the PF by targeting its key members.

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