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IT is hypocritical for the new dawn government to present programmes that were initiated by the Patriotic Front government as their own during implementation, former Minister of Health, Dr Jonas Chanda has said.
Dr Chanda expressed disappointment that the new minister, Ms Sylvia Masebo had been creating an impression that she transferred the procurement of medicines function from the ministry headquarters to the Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency (ZAMMSA).

He urged Ms Masebo to stop politicking over governance issues and give credit where it was due.
Dr Chanda said it was wrong for the new dawn government to give citizens the impression that they had come with good policies when they were implementing PF programmes.
He explained that the PF government initiated the transfer of the procurement functions to ZAMMSA and authorised its implementation.

Dr Chanda said Ms Masebo was just superintending over the implementation of the process that PF started.
“It’s laughable that the minister is coming out as if the transfer was started by the new dawn government. These people should learn to give credit where it’s due because this was our initiative, now they have seen that it’s a good one and they want to claim it,” he said in an interview.

Dr Chanda said there were many good PF policies that the new dawn government had embraced but pretending like they were new ideas.
He also wondered why the new dawn government relaunched the Covid-19 vaccination programme when it was successfully launched by the PF government.

“They should have just built on what we had done, what was the essence of relaunching a programme that is underway,” Dr Chanda questioned.

He urged the new dawn government to cut down on politicking and start operating realistically.

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