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… claims ACC forged his signature


IN a deliberate move to implicate me in corrupt activities and paint me black in the court of public opinion, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) forged my signature on a contract, claiming my participation in a mine Amos Chanda has charged.

Mr Chanda claims the ACC had forged his signature over Dreams Mining which they claimed he was involved in cooperation with a Mr Jasatash Patel.
Mr Chanda said the ACC manufactured a document and signed it themselves to create an impression that he appended his signature.

He said he had never signed any document and did not have any contract with any mine with the said Mr Patel and that it was just aimed at silencing him.

He challenged the ACC to bring forward the same Mr Patel for him to indicate whether they had any pending contract.
“To me that Mr Patel does not exist and ACC is the Mr Patel that is why I’m challenging them to produce that gentleman. What they wanted was to bully me and beat me in the media,” he said.
Mr Chanda said it was unfortunate that institutions like ACC had stooped so low as to forge an individual’s signature just to implicate them.

He said the ACC was not perfect but that they were at the lowest level.
“The ACC forged my signature which is a serious case because as far as I’m concerned I do not know any Mr Patel and I have never owned any mine by the name of Dreams Mining,” he said.
He said this was a personal political business agenda being moved by private individuals due to his previous job.
Mr Chanda said that he also wanted to set the record straight as he volunteered to be warned and cautioned because he wanted to have his day in court to prove his innocence.

And when asked if they forged Mr Chanda’s signature, ACC spokesperson Queen Chibwe said they would not comment over the matter.
“I have received your query but as ACC we are not making any comment on that matter as of now,” she said.

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