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Deforestation fight needs alternatives, says NGO

Deforestation fight needs alternatives, says NGO


THE low levels of sensitisation on the effects of deforestation  has worried Care for Nature Zambia who have called for alternatives and not just concentrating on punishment for those involved in charcoal burning.

Executive Director Nsama Kearns said it will be a challenge to phase out charcoal production if interventions are emphasising more on punishment.

During the COP 26 recently, Zambia was among countries that committed themselves to ending deforestation through ending several vices which include charcoal production.

Ms. Nsama is concerned that Government is giving directives to end charcoal production without offering alternatives, a situation that will prove difficult to stop the practice.

And Ms. Kearns said phasing out charcoal production will be impossible as long as rural electrification is low and the use of solar still a challenge.

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