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Don’t politicise Forest 27 – Lands Minister


I’m not going to succumb to pressure from people with selfish interests trying to settle scores against individuals in the matter involving Forest 27, Lands Minister Elijah Muchima has said.

Mr Muchima said that he was aware that there were people with selfish agendas and said that he would not be following individuals in the matter.

He said there was need to be clear that he would not deal with the matter based on political lines but that they would be as objective as possible.

“I should not be following individuals and those pushing this agenda what is their interest themselves, one thing I can tell you is that I cannot do things outside objectivity,” he said.

Mr Muchima said that it would be unfair to act based on political lines and that it is for this reason that he would follow the law to the letter.

He said Government had written to stakeholders like the WWF to get funding which would enable them do an environment assessment report that would come up with clear facts.

Mr Muchima said that he could not quantify the amount needed to carry out the process but that he was sure that the report would be done in the shortest possible time.

He said no Zambian would be unfairly treated by the new dawn administration and that people needed to give the ministry time to do the right thing.


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