GOVERNMENT should expedite the formulation of a new policy on gold mining aimed that ensuring that Zambians start benefiting from their mineral resources, Mine expert Edward Simukonda has said. 

Recently, Minister of Mines and Minerals Development, Paul Kabuswe announced that government was in the process of reorganizing the entire gold mining subsector in all parts of the country to ensure Zambians benefited from their abundant natural resources. 

But Mr Simuokanda complained that the process has taken long, and therefore the need for the Ministry of Mines to expedite the process so local mining companies can start owning rights to gold mining sites which have been exploited by foreigners for a long time.  

Mr Simukonda said there were many Zambians who are interested in venturing into mining but are hindered by lack of capital and incentives that foreigners are enjoying. 

He observed that while the country is endowed with abundant minerals resource  which unfortunately have not fully benefited the citizens because of lack of a deliberate policy by government to restrict the mining of certain mineral to locals.

“It’s unfortunate that despite the country having abundant mineral resources, very few citizens are benefiting from the resources, while on the other hand foreigners continue milking the minerals from the country,” he said.  

He hoped that once a deliberate policy is put in place by government, locals are going to start benefiting from the mineral resources.

Mr Simukonda said as long as citizens do not participate and only remain as mining workers for foreigners, Zambians will forever be poor and continue to depend on handouts from government.

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