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Dear Editor,

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema’s reaction to the criti- cism of his government fight against corruption leaves much to be desired.

It shows that he has no idea how his cosmetic crusade against corruption can yield the desired results.

He must learn to listen to divergent views. Sycophant church leaders, lawyers and leaders of some NGOS will ruin his chance of being suc- cessful in his fight against cor- ruption.

What will help him to suc- ceed are opposition political party members and liberals like myself because we are not for favours but want fairness and justice for all.

No one is against the fight against corruption, voices of wisdom are saying, don’t only concentrate on political perpe- trators of the vice but the pri- vate public corruption which has become common that is where a lot of money is si- phoned from the government.

We the concerned citizens want to see the President’s

personal friends like the direc- tors for Tyre King Enterprises Limited who are practicing naked corruption and siphon- ing huge sums of money in government and NGO tenders for supply of tyres and bribing procurement officers by inflat- ing prices be investigated and brought to book.

As long as the Tyre King Enterprises Limited senior of- ficials are not investigated and brought to account, the much publicised fight against cor- ruption become a scandal.

What President Hichilema must know is that no one can come out and criticise the powerful if they are not sure of what is happening.

This is what caused many people to think that former President Edgar Lungu was corrupt because every time people raised a red flag of the vice in his administration, he would allow an investigation with a critical voice against whistle-blowers and President Hichilema wants to follow the same path?

We want our money which Tyre King has siphoned over time from the govern- ment through bribery of

procurement officers and Emmasdale police officers.

Take note that the massive corruption taking place at Tyre King will not be swept under the carpet as long as I live. I’m ready to bite the bullet to ensure that corrupt elements at Tyre King and Emmasdale police are cleansed whiter than snow.

The President has the re- sponsibility to run the affairs of the country by listening to the governed. Let me commend the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Mr Jack Mwiimbu for lis- tening when I sent him

a complaint note about illegal road blocks that had resumed against his directive.

Thank you sir, now prevail on your officers from the ACC, DEC and the police for misconduct, there are some who are professional but most of them are corrupt.

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