Let’s be wary of foreign investors – Nakacinda


THERE is need for the government to be more careful with potential investors after a report that some Zambian firms have been linked with a terrorist group, Patriotic Front (PF), Chairperson for Publicity Raphael Nakacinda has said.

Mr Nakacinda said that it was worrying that some Zambian firms had been linked to a terrorist organisation called Hezbollah of Lebanon and that it would be prudent for the government to have thorough check of potential investors.

In a recent report, the US Treasury Department announced another set of sanctions on Hezbollah financiers designating a funding network based in Zambia and Lebanon.

The two organisations Hamer and Nail Construction Limited and Hamidco Investment Limited were implicated in funding the terrorist group.

But Mr Nakacinda said he did not have the full details about the two firms but that there was need to be more careful going forward.

He said such revelations were alarming and there was need for government to be more alert to ensure that the lives of Zambians were not compromised.

“I want to urge government to be more careful because these are serious claims but I do not want to delve into the matter that much until the details and facts are concluded,” he said.

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