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No structures near water bodies – CB minister


PEOPLE who have  built their structures near water bodies  must be  relocated, Copperbelt Minister Elisha Matambo has directed.

Mr Mutambo said this must be done in a humane way.

Mr Matambo said in as much as the new dawn government did not want to entertain illegality, it would also show a human face to those that erred.

He advised the District Commissioner’s office, the local authority and other relevant authorities to find better means of dealing with the matter.

“Find ways of relocating them, but with a human face. We know putting up structures where you have not been allowed is an illegality but we also want to show a human face even as we try to sort out the matter.

“Some people built their structures illegally and knowing that what they were doing was wrong while others who happen to be the majority build out of desperation that is why we need to be cautious when conducted the process,” he said.

Mr Matambo further appealed to the residents of Kitwe to avoid building anyhow without the blessings of the council to avoid their property being demolished in future.

He said people should always follow guidelines and instructions given by the council.The Provincial Minister added that it was through this that sanity would be brought back in the way people were putting up their structure.


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