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ACTION has been taken against cadres harassing bus drivers and marketeers following intervention by President Hakainde Hichilema, according to sources at Munyaule Market.

Sources say the cadres have been talked and are no longer causing confusion by demanding payments from bus drivers. This follows President Hichilema’s impromptu visit to the market on Monday.

The President was besieged with complaints from bus drivers who asked that the UPND deals with the issue because it was contrary to what the party had pledged.

On Monday President Hakainde Hichilema told the drivers that no cadre will be allowed to collect money at bus stations and markets.

Mr. Hichilema gave the directive when he took time to time to listen to complaints from traders and bus drivers on the streets of Lusaka. 

UPND party cadres were reported to be harassing marketers and bus drivers in some parts of the country, going against a Presidential directive. 

The marketers and bus drivers complained to the Head of State that some party cadres have started charging money and harassing traders in Lusaka’s Munyaule market.

‘’There are a lot of cadres at Munyaule market and Chalala mall who are beating us if we refuse to give them money. We are being charged to operate from City market,’’ they said, amdist shouts of `bally, bally’.

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