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Stop the hatred, says Mpombo


THERE is an urgent need to end the recrimination that is hurting this nation because of the spreading wind of hatred that will break this country apart if people are not reconciled, veteran politician George Mpombo has said.

Dr. Mpombo said that the politics of hatred that had arisen in this country would compromise  national unity, reconciliation and rebuilding.

Dr. Mpombo said that the division would lead the nation into political and social chaos that could not be retrieved.

He said in an interview that if a nation had to be built people needed to move in a spirit of national unity rather than putting the country in a position where people are divided on political hatred. 

Dr. Mpombo said that Zambia needs to heal from all the political battles that had been raised so that people could start moving forward again in unity. 

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He said that fixing perceived enemies based on political hatred would be catastrophic for this nation when it exceeds the levels at which it was now.

Dr. Mpombo said that once someone who was perceived to be corrupt was dealt with, it was important that such people were set free and reunited in society without any discrimination.

“Recrimination is not going to help us at all,” he said. 

He said that when somebody was truthful by coming out and gave back what they had corruptly acquired, there was need to begin a new chapter with them and not to continue perceiving them as criminals.

Dr. Mpombo said the continued blame game and fanning of  embers of hatred would mean that this country would not be united.

He said that this country needed to open up a new chapter by bringing a spirit of fair play and equity.

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