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UPND cadres harassing and collecting money from bus drivers at Shantumbu station – Drivers

UPND cadres harassing and collecting money from bus drivers at Shantumbu station – Drivers


UPND cadres are allegedly harassing and getting money from bus drivers along Shantumbu who have demanded that Government intervenes.

In a walk-in interview, drivers operating on the Shatumbu route have since called on the party leadership to move in quickly and arrest anyone harassing people as well as demanding money from the drivers.

Mr Oswald Mubanga, a bus driver, expressed shock that despite President Hakainde Hichilema giving out a clear stance that no cadre should be found in bus stations and markets lawlessness was still at the peak in the mentione public places.

Mr Mubanga disclosed that the UPND cadres have continued collecting money from drivers who ferry people from town to Shantumbu and those who resist are harassed.

He said there is need for   quick intervention from the party leadership as this will continue breeding anarchy.

Mr Mubanga further said each time they want to seek audience with UPND officials at constituency level, they are denied access.

Another driver, Mr Festone Kaonde, said some drivers have since stopped operating from Shantumbu for fear of being harassed.

Mr Kaonde however said if no action is taken lawless will continue and cadres shall continue collecting money illegally in such a manner.

Meanwhile, UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said those doing so have no blessings from the party, therefore law enforcers should take charge and arrest whoever would be found wanted.

Mr Mweetwa said the UPND leadership will not allow such a catastrophe to continue   in the UPND government, but to ensure that order is restored.   

PF extols government over move to re-unite married civil servants

An official of the Patriotic Front (PF) party has commended the new dawn administration for the bold decision it has taken to reunite married civil servants working in different districts.

Southern province PF deputy youth secretary, Harry Muyunda, said the decision is well thought of, noting that separating married people was a recipe for increasing HIV/AIDS cases among married couples.

Mr. Muyunda said in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) yesterday.

He said the decision should be supported by all Zambians. 



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