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‘FISP still abused’


Despite government conducting a review of the Farmers Input Support Programme (FISP), some individuals who are not part of the programme are still benefiting,  the National Union for Small- Scale Farmers in Zambia NUSUFZ has said.

Recently, Government carried out an audit of the FISP  in order to ensure transparency in the selection of beneficiaries of the programme.

But last month, in Chongwe and Kapiri-Mposhi districts it was discovered that agriculture officers registered under a cooperative were benefiting from the inputs at the expense of   farmers.

NUSUFZ executive director Ebony Loloji says it is regrettable that some unscrupulous individuals have continued benefiting from the programme despite efforts by government to ensure that such trends are curbed.

He has called for   a conclusive strategy that will ensure that measures are put in place to seal loopholes and prevent unscrupulous individuals from benefiting from the programme.  

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