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‘I’LL SPILL THE BEANS’ – Mwiinde threatens to expose ministers, cops shielding illegal miners 


I WILL expose ministers and fire police officers protecting investors who are conducting illegal mining in the country, UPND Deputy Chairperson for politics and mobilisation Trevor Mwiinde has warned.

Mr Mwiinde warned police officers who are protecting an identified Indian individual who was mining in Chief Kalasa Lukangaba’s area in Mansa.

Mr Mwiinde said two ministers were shielding the said Indian national and that he had full information about their deals.

“As a party we are not going to allow such criminality and we are going to act the best way we can by taking action,” he said.

He said the Indian had a licence to mine Manganese and Cobalt but that he was mining sugilite which is a healing stone used in ornaments believed to generate positive energy to protect against and overcome negative emotions and situations. 

Mr Mwiinde said it was unfortunate that the police and even the ministers were shielding criminals.

He said that the youth would not allow such criminality by members of the party as this was daylight robbery.

“There are two ministers that are involved in this scandal but I’m not going to allow this criminality and we are going to act and ensure that they are brought to book,” he said.

Mr Mwiinde said he wanted youth members of the party to be allowed to mine on the premises.

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