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Inquest finds woman died of BP


AN inquest into the death of a Lusaka woman at a Catholic Priest’s house has heard  that the cause of death was high blood pressure.

Dr Muchele Nganga of University Teaching Hospital to the coroner  he received an order of postmortem from a police officer at Chelstone Police Station to conduct an investigation on a woman who had died at a residence and had been taken to Levy Mwanawasa Hospital.

He said he  found the body with no evidence of injury externally.

“I examined all organs of the deceased and found that the victim had uterine fibroids. I further obtained samples from organs like heart, brain, kidneys, liver and lungs so that I could examine them further under the microscope,’’ he said.

Dr Nganga said further examination revealed that the deceased suffered from high blood pressure (BP) and cardiac arrest.

He said samples of blood  sent   to the food and drug laboratory  showed   no    toxic substances in her blood.

This is a matter involving Father Abel Mwelwa, 45, of house number 2448 Lusaka West  has been accused of murdering Ms Monica Mulenga, 42, of the same area.

Yesterday we wrongly referred to the proceedings as a murder trial when this was an inquest. 

The court has set January 3, 2022 for continuation of trial.

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