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THE judiciary is in the process of effecting widespread institutional reforms, Chief Justice Mumba Malila has said.

Mr Malila said the reforms would start with the cultivation of an appropriate work culture and attitude, heightening a sense of individual responsibility on the part of adjudicators and support staff as well as entrenching values for individual and institutional accountability.

He said the institution has started to focus on building a judiciary that court users, wherever they are, could trust, one that is fit, ready and willing to perform its constitutional role to the expectations of the people in whom judicial authority reposes.

“More relevantly, in addition to strengthening the institution itself, we intend to increase access to court houses and infrastructure as well as court support services.

“We are determined to see that each person in Zambia that has a legal grievance which he/she desires to settle in court can easily get to a court house to have that grievance vindicated, and when at court, to get justice, and I mean real justice within the rules under the law,” he said.

The Chief Justice was speaking during the launch of the High Court Criminal sessions in Solwezi yesterday.

And North Western Province minister Robert Lihefu said government has guaranteed the rule of law without any political interference.

He said with the placement of resident Judges, the people’s cry for speedy delivery of justice shall not only be a dream but a reality.

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