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Kansanshi given 60-day ultimatum


THE silence exhibited by the new dawn administration concerning the Statutory Instrument number 22 of 2019 is worrying, the Cleaning Association of Zambia (CAZ) has said.

And the association has given Kansanshi Mines a 60-day  ultimatum in which to reverse the contract awarded to some foreign companies to wash uniforms for miners.

The association’s president, Mr Lawrence Makumbi explained that SI number 22 of 2019 was clear on which services must be left for the indigenous Zambians.

Kansanshi Mines have awarded a South African company called MR CLEAN a contract to offer laundry services for the miners.

“The action taken by Kansanshi has the potential to deprive the local people of the much needed job opportunities,” he said.

He has urged  the Minister of Mines to intervene and ensure that the contract was reversed and re-advertised.


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