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…to mourn RB together and in unity


President Hakainde Hichilema has asked his predecessor Edgar Lungu to be part of the state funeral for late fourth republican president Rupiah Banda.

President Hichilema has  also requested Cabinet to be updating President Lungu  on the preparations of  the State funeral.

Speaking when he visited Mr Banda’s  bereaved family in Lilayi, Mr Hichilema  said he believes there is need for him and his predecessor to mourn Mr Banda together.

“Let’s mourn President Banda, all of us, no divisive issues. If there are issues we can handle and deal with them later. I want to confirm to the Banda family that.

“I have spoken to president Edgar Lungu asking him that we must all mourn our former president together. I wanted to confirm this publicly here.  And I asked my team to be briefing   President Lungu what is going on. What the plans are. I told my team to brief him about the programs,” President Hichilema said.

He said it was important to show unity and resolve other issues later.

President Hichilema also urged Zambians to respect and cherish the exemplary service that the late President gave to this country at an early age for many years.

The head of state said the former president talked about promoting unit in diversity among Zambians every time he and Mr. Banda met hence the need to mourn him in unity.

He said Mr. Banda believed that there was a lot that unite the people of Zambia than that with divides them and that government carries the same belief because without unity there was nothing that the country could archive.

President Hichilema said with unity, the country would achieve a lot because everything becomes easier even difficulty things.

‘’As we mourn, we should do it in unity. Whenever we met we talked about among other things reuniting the country, bringing our people together, unity in diversity so we must walk that path as, walk that line as we mourn him in unity, that is the first thing,’’ he said.

Mr. Hichilema urged Zambians to respect and cherish the exemplary service that the late President   gave to this country over many years.

He said Mr. Banda entered into public service at a young age and carried his responsibilities for the nation diligently.

President Hichilema said the legacy that Mr. Banda has left behind should be emulated by the youths that despite young, they could offer a service to the nation.

President Hichilema said with love and understanding coupled with genuineness as a Christian nation, a lot would be achieved hence the need to live a Christin life and not just pronouncing it.

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