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North has received medicine because of by-elections – Dr Sampa


GOVERNMENT has distributed medicines in Northern Province because of the by-elections taking place, Residents Doctors Association of Zambia, president, Dr Brian Sampa has said.

He said such manoeuvres will not help the government.

Dr Sampa said the government has a duty to do the right thing instead of what they are doing.

He said it was only prudent that the  government buys medicine in all hospitals.

“So Northern Province has become special because of a by-election.

Let all the places have drugs even where there are no by-elections. Health is supposed to be apolitical,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Sampa has urged the government to consider actualising the debt swap because many civil servants are in huge debts.

He said, “It’s the duty of the government to motivate the civil servants.

“Many civil servants are in debt and need help.  The economy is biting, people needed the debt swap,” Dr Sampa said.

He said the government should rescind its decision to cancel the debt swap.

“They owe civil servants a lot of money and the least they can do is help those whom they owe,” Dr Sampa said.

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