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Twerking student nurses expulsion too harsh


THE expulsion of student nurses caught twerking on camera has outraged observers who feel the punishment was too harsh and hypocritical.

Politician Wright Musoma said, twerking was no less objectionable to sensitive minds as the sexually suggesting gyration that graced most official functions where young girls were made to dance in a suggestive manner.

Mr Musoma said the move was unfair because the student nurses were not naked or indecently dressed and that it was normal for girls to engage in dance.

The decision by Chilonga Mission Hospital to expel four student nurses, he said, would not only cripple their future but their families.

He called on the ministry of Health and the General Nursing Council to come to the aid of the young girls whose future was in jeopardy if no action was taken by the relevant authorities.

Mr Musoma said that possibilities that the students came from poor families was high and that if their education was cut off the families would be shattered most especially that they had invested a lot in their education.

“I just want to appeal to the minister of Health to look at this matter as a mother and ensure that she intervenes because she understands the type of families these girls come from,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for administration George Magwende said the General Nursing Council will deal with the matter involving the four student nurses.

 Dr Magwende said that he could not tell whether the students would appeal or not.

He said the ministry would not contaminate the disciplinary process and that the council would look into the matter and come up with a final verdict.

Dr Magwende said that he was confident that the GNC would come up with a fair verdict that would not be prejudicial any way. “We do not want to intervene in this matter but just let the council look into the matter and be able to come up with a verdict,” he said.

Dr Magwende said he had confidence that the council would not disappoint as they would consider all the factors.

Chilonga Mission Nursing School expelled the four students whose dancing set social media alight.

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