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Death penalty to be scrapped – HH


THE new dawn administration has taken a decision to end the death penalty in the country and focus on the preservation of life, President Hakainde Hichilema has said.

President Kunda during an address on the eve of the Africa Freedom Day which falls today said his administration would end the death penalty and would work with parliament to run through the process as the country transitioned.

“The new dawn government has taken a decision to end the death penalty and focus on the preservation of life as we vie to deliver justice for all” he said

He said his cabinet believed in the rehabilitation of life and that they did not take people’s freedom for granted.

President Hichilema said as the country was celebrating Africa Freedom Day his government was trying hard to ensure that the country was food secure which was cardinal for the nation to be prosperous.

“Food security is vital for a prosperous future as it empowers communities ensuring that the future is prosperous.

He said that Africa Freedom Day was a reminder of the sacrifices that the continent’s forefathers took to ensure that it was liberated. 

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