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PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema needs to be given time to settle down in his quest to deliver national development, a Catholic priest has said.

Father Ferena Lambe who is the Minister Provincial for Franciscan Fathers, notes that despite the anxiety from the Zambians, the Head of State has to deal with a lot of developmental backlogs not only from the last, but even other past governments.

In an interview, Fr Lambe emphasised that there is need to have positive feedback from various stakeholders to inspire development from the new government.

He said there is also need to realise that Zambia now has a new governance system in place, against many expectations, hence the need to exercise some patience.

“It’s just inevitable that if we want development, we need to have some time,” he said, with an acknowledgement that people are in a hurry and anxious to see development because they are coming from a bad period.

“When a new government comes in, it does not only correct the wrongs of the previous government, but even for other governments who left a lot of things unanswered,” Fr Lambe explained.

He said it is normal for the citizenry to expect things to happen in a certain way when a new government comes into office.

Fr Lambe said logically and in all honesty, the new government deserves some time, but encouraged it to also work around the clock considering that time is also moving within which to fulfil their developmental promises.

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