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THE government started fighting me because I was putting pressure on them to buy drugs, this is why I resigned, Residents Doctors Association president Brian Sampa has said.

Dr Sampa said the reasons given by government for him to be fired were vague because he has never missed work.

He said the government did not want him to continue in the civil service because of the overwhelming pressure they were receiving.

Dr Sampa said the advocacy on buying of drugs was not political but merely speaking for voiceless Zambians.

“My advocacy for quality health was in conflict with my employers.  They thought I was using the job to weaken them, so I decided that it was better to part ways and concentrate on other things.

Even if I parted ways with government I am still practicing as a doctor, so I am still serving the people through a different area.

“I was fired last year again for the same reason which does not exist because my employer was not happy with what I was doing for the people. So what government told Zambians for the recommendations to fire me was a total lie,” Dr Sampa said.

Dr Sampa said the government knew very well that he had not committed any offence, therefore, decided to create the offence of absconding work which was unfair on his part.

“The easiest way government does when they know that you have not committed any offence is to lie that you absconded work for a long period so that you can be fired. Charge letters only started flying everywhere because I was advocating for drugs in hospitals, employment and immediately the junior doctors started protesting,” Dr Sampa said.


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