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Should homosexually be allowed in Zambia

Dear editor,

This issue of homosexually is really hot in Zambia and it is high time for President Hakainde Hichilema to help clear this issues. It is growing slowly and soon we will find ourselves supporting if we are not careful.

Previously every president has strongly stood against homosexually and the new dawn government has been relaxed over the issue  as if they are supporting it. We are not satisfied with the government response and they have to give us proper response. We want Republican President Hakainde Hichilema to openly state his position on the matter like some of his fellow African leaders have done.

It will be wrong to tie aid to the introduction of homosexuality in Zambia because the country has traditions and values which should be respected. We have to reject alien practices that not only threaten Zambian values but undermine the country’s foundation as a Christian Nation. Certain rights are enjoyed in other countries due to the fact that they are funded to do so and we cannot replicate in Zambia because it’s a taboo to many people’s culture. We are privileged to be a Christian nation and we cannot allow Europeans to impose certain cultures in  the name of giving us money and funding of projects.

We are not condemning homosexually but certain rights are not going to help our Christian nation and it is time for President Hichilema to act and not be deceived by money and investors who want to come. We want things to be right and he has to fight against organizations which may want to legalize it. We can improve our economy even without influential people who want to impose certain rights on us.


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