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Kambwili brother detained


POLICE in Kasama have denied Patriotic Front (PF) aspiring presidential candidate Chishimba Kambwili bond and detained his brother Mwila together with NDC spokesperson, Mr Charles Kabwita who took food to him.

Mr Kambwili has applied to the court to grant him bail pending hearing.

Mr Kambwili in his application for bail said that his health had deteriorated as the respondent had to connect a sleep easy machine to the holding cell to facilitate his treatment.

Mr Kambwili said that his detention was unjustifiable and unlawful as he was supposed to appear before a competent court within 24 hours.

“I have been advised by our lawyers which advice I verily believe to be true and correct that this court has jurisdiction to admit me bail pending trial premised on the above circumstances,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwila Kambwili and Mr Charles  Kabwita were detained at Kasama Police when they took food in the afternoon to Dr Kambwili who has been in detention from Monday.

And earlier Police dispersed a rowdy crowd that had gathered outside Kasama Police Station to give Mr Kambwili solidarity.

The fracas started after information emerged that Dr Kambwili would  not appear in Court, three days after he was transported to Kasama on charges of hate speech.

Mr Kambwili’s sympathisers could not stomach the news which prompted them to take matters in their own hands and started making noise. 

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