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…Lillian Siyunyi says linking her to a political party is malicious


SUSPENDED Director of Public Prosecution Lillian Siyunyi has named Ackson Sejani, Senior Chief Mukuni’s wife Veronica Munakasale Mukuni, Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Mutti as some of the prominent Zambians for whom she had entered nolle prosequi.

Ms Siyunyi has rubbished assertions that she is aligned to the Patriotic Front (PF) declaring that she has never been a member of the former ruling party nor belonged to any political party in her entire professional career. 

She complained that it was malicious that she was being aligned to the PF, a political party she has never associated herself with as she was but a professional civil servant throughout her career as a prosecutor.

Ms Siyunyi has challenged those accusing her of having worked with the PF to have the courage to disclose the number of nolle prosequis she had given to the former ruling party and the governing UPND so that Zambians compare who had the most of the nolles.

Reacting to leaked documents in which she is said to have proffered immunity to Mr Amos Chanda, the former State House press aide, Ms Siyunyi said there were many prominent citizens who had been offered immunity from prosecution after they were arraigned before the courts.

Ms Siyunyi who has been suspended by President Hakainde Hichilema and is now appearing before the Judicial Complaints Commission (JCC) over an array of accusations from the governing UPND, opposition MMD and other interest groups denied ever having been bought a motor vehicle by Mr  Ronald Chitotela.

“I have never been a member of PF. I should not be aligned to any political party, not even PF. The PF found me. I was deputy to Chalwe Muchenga. The UPND found me and I have never belonged to any political party in my entire professional career. I want to challenge those that are accusing me of being PF disclose the number of nolles given to the PF and those that were given to the UPND and we will see who had the most of it. Mr Ackson Sejani, the wife to senior chief Mukuni was given a nolle. They are talking about Amos Chanda who was PF and want to align me with the former ruling party, that is malicious,” Ms Siyunyi said.

Ms Siyunyi said it was shocking that she was being aligned to the PF when the UPND while in opposition used to praise and glorify her that she was a professional DPP.

She said it was a concoction of lies that that Mr Chitotela, the PF Pambashe Member of Parliament purchased a motor for as an inducement for her to enter a nolle prosequi for him.

She also named President Hakainde Hichilema as one of the citizens who were sitting on a nolle prosequi because she had never been selective in the performance of her duties.

Ms Siyunyi said other senior UPND members like Mr Ackson Sejani and even Senior Chief Mukuni’s wife were other notable individuals that were handed nolle prosequi.

Ms Siyunyi stated that very few PF members had ever received favourable judgements by virtue of being familiar with her and that it was disheartening that the governing party was maliciously aligning her to a political party.

Ms Siyunyi said those accusing her should have the courage and decency of exhibiting proof  that she executed immunity for Mr Chanda as it was with former Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) Liquidator Milingo Lungu.


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