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Kalaba saddened by closure of My Home Town


IT is sad that the State has embarked on a crusade to scandalize and malign James Ndambo, Zambia’s South African business tycoon after managing to crush My Home Town (MHT) Zambia initiative has been crushed by the powers that be, Harry Kalaba has charged.

Mr Kalaba, the Citizens First president said alghough he had never personally met Mr Ndambo, he had great admiration for the philanthropist who had founded the My Home Town, only to be crushed under the new dawn, 25 years after it was birthed in Choma.

Mr Kalaba said it was not surprising that innuendos were being peddled that Mr Ndambo, the man whose love for Zambia had been unmatched owed more than K2 million in unpaid allowances to police officers for politicking the beauty pageant event in Choma.

Mr Kalaba wondered why Mr Ndambo’s MHT Zambia project had come to a tragic end and forced to shut down under the UPND government when it had been flourishing for the past 25 years under different administrations.

“I have not personally met Mr James Ndambo but is one I have admired from a distance. In him Zambia draws a lot of pride. His love for country is unmatched. Why is it that Mr Ndambo’s project has been forced to shut down under the reign of the new dawn? Does this speak to the little inclination our colleagues in government have for Zambians?” Mr Kalaba said.

Mr Kalaba said something within him was telling him that the departure of Mr Ndambo from Zambia, the country of his birth very temporal and that the business mogul would return to his country when the business and political environment would be right. “Mr Ndambo, this is your land, a land where your father and mother are resting. You have done no harm but good. God is watching!” Mr Kalaba said


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