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THEY say, ‘Life begins at 40’ but for renowned Zambian musician Frank Chirwa famously known as Afunika, who turns 40 this year, life is more than celebrating this biggest landmark but taking a new chapter in his whole music career.

The self-proclaimed King of the New Version Kalindula who fondly calls himself the ‘Eye of an Eagle’ says turning 40 means more experience, skill and maturity enough to embark on a new phase in his music as he offloads a new album themed, ‘40 Years Pa Chalo’ which literally means 40 years on Earth.
“This is a different album altogether. I feel like I am now starting on a new chapter, I wish this to be a very big success in my career,” remarks Afunika as he explains his new project which comes after four successful albums.
Afunika says he decided to link the title to the celebration of his 40th birthday as it is a huge yardstick for him to take a deeper reflection of where he is coming from musically and where he wants to be.
He explained that he started recording the album last year, just when he realized he was turning 40 this year. He said he wanted to bring out issues that help him to question what he has done in the past, reflect on highs and lows of life, and use his experiences as well as those of many others to package an album that will cut across all ages.
“Life begins at 40 for me means reflecting on something that I have been doing in the past. It means me reflecting on what I have achieved and even what I failed to do. This is the album that speaks maturity. I did this album thinking critically on what songs to include unlike in the past where I would just do some songs without thinking deeply about them,” he said, pointing out that he has given the album a blend of something for the young as well as for the elderly majority of whom he thinks makes his audience.
He is also keen to attract new audiences emerging from the trending music vibes.
“I picked the best songs that have made me in the past to get the inspiration to do this album. My inspiration also comes from a part of my life, what I have gone through and what others have experienced. In short, the album explains the past, the present and the future,” he said, emphasizing also that the other portion of his motivation for the album came from his wrong choices he has made in his journey, and undesired paths he has walked on, that he admits have given him deeper introspection.
Much as he appreciates that the album is different, Afunika is taking none of his fans for granted. He expresses gratitude for the support he has received over the years and believes through this album he will engage more deeply and passionately with his fans.

40 Years Pa Chalo comes out on 15th September 2023. The album is a collection of 20 tracks with six featured artistes among them Drimz, Jae Cash, Chef 187, Xaven, The Eye and Smooth B. On this, Afunika worked with producers Silent Eraser, Kas Beats, Jerry Fingers, T Rux and Sunny Brex as producers.
Songs like Ndalufyanya Lyonse, Full Course, Testimony and Nshakalabe will give you that motivation to love the album at first exposure to it. The album will be available on various social media music stores.


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