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Chita Lodge has genuine title, court hears

CHITA Lodge Limited has a genuine certificate of title for the farm on which nine flats and a two-storey house have been built in Ibex Hill, a witness has testified.
This is in a case former Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Commander Eric Chimese and Chita Lodge director James Chungu have been charged with concealing the said properties suspected to be proceeds of crime.
Testifying in the case on Thursday, Ministry of Lands registrar Rachael Tembo told Magistrate Nsunge Chanda that Chita Lodge Limited bought the farm number 2303/Q from a Mr. Godfrey Mulundika in July 2010.
Ms. Tembo said she did not see any forgery in the title deed for Chita Lodge and that it exists in the Ministry of Lands information system and records.
She said she did not know the source of the forged copy of certificate of title that purported to show that Chimese is owner of the land and properties.
“The copy showed to me by DEC (Drug Enforcement Commission) officers was forged and it is a forged document. The DEC officers didn’t intimate where they got if from,” Ms. Tembo said.
She said later Chita Lodge Limited sold a subdivision to Misheck Sichinga and Judith Nyambe Sichela in November 2013.
Ms. Tembo said in April 2014 Chita Lodge Limited sold another subdivision to Michaela Ilunga Kapenda and in the same month Chita Lodge Limited sold another subdivision to Moyo Mary Ng’ambi.
She said in the same month Chita Lodge Limited sold another subdivision to Michael David Muma (the current ZAF Commander).
Ms. Tembo admitted that on the land register she did not see any land that was sold to Chimese and that Chita Lodge Limited owns the remaining extent of farm number 2303/Q. Trial contines on May 5, 2020.


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