Namachila redeployment not surprising

Dear Editor,
THE decision by President Edgar Lungu to reassign former North-Western Province Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila to headquarters whilst his future is being determined is welcome.
The tone of language by the President is evident that his efforts to protect the natural resources in the province were frustrated by Mr Namachila.
We commend the timely decision of the President who has shown his determination to protect natural resources as opposed to shielding Mr Namachila. Indeed, President Lungu is the able guardian of natural resources as he has ably demonstrated. Therefore all those serving under him must demonstrate the zeal to protect the resources.
The Kasenseli Gold Mining project has in the recent past been a subject of invasion and the PF provincial chairperson Mr Jackson Kungo on March 21, 2020 is on record of having directed the embattled police chief to protect the mineral deposits.
The failure by Mr Namachila to perform to the expectation of the President is sad.
Besides, other government officials have expressed concerns and pleaded that the illegality at the gold mine is stopped.
On December 18, 2019, Vice President Inonge Wina while answering questions in Parliament pleaded with the police to secure the gold mine but no meaningful actions were taken. With due honesty, such disregard of orders amounts to rebellion.
As if it is not enough, the illegality at the mine has claimed the lives of illegal miners in Mulopa village (Times of Zambia publication dated August 12, 2019).
The instances surrounding the transfer of the former top provincial cop, is one of many incidences where some civil servants have neglected to carry out the instructions from their superiors from the President and PF structures, a party in power.
We desire to see to it that Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja restores the smile on the President’s face and an assurance that this is the last public embarrassment his officers were subjecting President Lungu to.

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