Suspension of North-Western Province PF Chairman timely

Dear Editor,
PF leaders must understand that they are in those structures to assist President Edgar Lungu improve the welfare of this nation, the citizenry and not to abuse the name of the highest office of this land for selfish personal interests.
Honestly speaking, how can gold all of a sudden develop Usain Bolt’s feet and take off at lightning speed from police custody.
We seem to have a small click within PF, the self-proclaimed party prefects that feel to be more powerful and superior than President Lungu hence, disrespecting, demeaning, cheapening and undermining the Presidency.
That cosmetic theft in North-Western Province involving gold cannot happen without blessings from some characters right here in Lusaka hence the need to see to it that everyone involved is brought to book.
If it means the inspector general of police to personally go and carry out investigations to get to the bottom line to protect the Presidency let him do so we are tired of people abusing the name of the President.
Traditional leaders in North-Western Province are furious with the PF because of selfishness and greed among a few individuals and now its image and that of President Lungu is dented.
Mr. President please do not spare anyone involved this time if it means firing people and surrendering them to security wings feel free to do so you have our support, for it is better to lose popularity among your MPs or Cabinet after all half of them are not coming back, better gain popularity from your voters.
The suspension of North-Western Province PF chairman, MCC Jackson Kungo should clearly serve as an example to would-be offenders that no single individual is worth more than the party.
I am aware that this is not only happening in North-Western Province but also in Central, Copperbelt, Eastern and Lusaka province. Some leaders have this tendency of using the name of the President in vain.
I wish to appeal to our men and women in uniform tasked to investigate this matter not to leave any stone unturned because clearly this case should be used as an example that Zambia and its resources comes first than any single individual.
Let me also remind Mr Brian Mundubile who is PF disciplinary committee chairman that he should not even make a mistake of being economical with the truth because he knows how it feels to lose power as a result of careless decisions made by selfish and greed individuals.

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