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Two in dock for shop break-in

Two men suspected of breaking into a shop at Lusaka City Market and stealing goods worth K5,695 have in the Lusaka magistrates court.
The two, Kelvin Bwalya and Bright Mulenga, are accused of breaking into a grocery store and committing a felony therein.
Steven Kapopo, 38 a businessman, told magistrate Betty Malupenga that he runs a grocery shop at Lusaka City market.
Kapopo said when knocking off on March 30 2020, he locked the shop and left everything secure.
He said the following morning, when he went to City market the gate was closed and he couldn’t to go his shop.
He said he asked around what was happening and people told him that security officers closed the gate because they have apprehended thieves who were stealing from the shops at the market.
He said his shop was one among those broken into and he decided to inquire more from the police station.
He said he was told by a police officers that thieves were stealing from the shops and that one of them was a guard.
He said later when he went to his shop, he noticed that a key matching his lock was used to open the shop.
He said among the things stolen were two cases of extra, two cases of bullet, two cases of Appy Apple drinks and other goods all together worth K5,695.

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