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Widow sues neigbhour over ‘stinky’ remarks

A MAKENI Oriental compound woman has sued her neighbour’s mother in the Kanyama local court for calling her stinky and wants compensation.
Judith Phiri, 50, a widow of the location in question sued Josephine Mando, 60, a house wife of the same locality for calling her a stinky woman.
Facts before the court are that the two live on the same house block popularly known as Mudadada when on unknown date in August, 2020, Mando’s daughter told some security officer in the compound that, Phiri was selling unauthorised famous locally brewed vodka called Kachasu to her husband and that she should be chased from the residence.
Phiri told the court that she had no problems with Mando’s daughter until she reported lies to the security in the residence over kachasu brewing.
Phiri said that on unknown day in august due to anger she started shouting in the compound without mentioning names and later reported to Mando’s son in-law about the incident.
“Nkani ili so ine nima gulisako moba, then ndine neba wa mwana wa aba amai Doreen Mando, so mwamuna wake ama gulako moba kuline,so iyo day nina dabwa ba security ba bwela kuni yofya ati bazani pisha ngati sinileka ku gulisa moba, then ninakalipa nouza mwamuna wa Doreen then next aba ba Josephine bana bwela kuni uza ati ine ni nunka ku moyo,” Phiri said.
Phiri added that Josephine said she had a very bad smell on her body which make men stay away from her and wanted compensation for such remarks.
In her defence Josephine Mando denied ever telling Phiri that she stinks instead she shouted randomly in the compound.
Mando said the reason she shouted was because her daughter was terribly beaten by her husband because Phiri had told him lies.
“Ine nina shout ache pa chipanda kaili mwana wanga ana bwela kunyumba ni ovimba na blood , after namu funsa ana Kamba ati ba muna bake ba mumenya, why ati amai Phiri bakamba ati ine ndiye nima mwesa ba muna banga (Doreen Mando) nidye pe ine manje mai wake nina kalipa no yenda che ku shouta.”
In passing judgement Magistrate A. Michelo refused to qualify the case as a compensation issue and advised the two families to reconcile because it lacked proper evidence.
The court added that Phiri must stop brewing the illegal vodka or she will one day be arrested for producing products not safe for human consumption.

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