ZAMBIANS must learn to appreciate the peace obtaining in the country and not take it for granted.
They must realise that the onus is on them to preserve and guard what they hold dear before it is too late.
It is not only through political violence that the country can be thrown into turmoil but other seemingly dangerous insinuations.
It is in this vein that we call on the nation to heed the warning from Chief Chikwanda of the Bemba to guard against what warns is careless talk regarding Bemba domination.
Chief Chikwanda said the careless tribal talk has potential to disrupt the country’s peace and should be avoided by all means.
He said careless tribal discourse including claims that Government was dominated by the Bemba was a recipe for chaos in the country.
Zambians ought to realise that there are 73 tribes that make up the nation and none of them is more important than the other.
If anything, it is the unity among the 73 tribes that has made the country unique. That a person originating in Mbala can go and settle in Sinazongwe and be accepted is something that must be hailed.
After all during the independence struggle, it was the unity of purpose that made it easy for the nationalists to defeat the colonialists that led to Zambia’s independence.
That spirit from the independence struggle is what must be maintained. Our independence stalwarts came from all parts of the country and fought for the creation of an independent and united country.
Why then should Zambians allow anyone to mislead them and divide them on account of one’s tribe?
As Chief Chikwanda said, there should be no mention of tribe in governance and political dispensation of the country.
Tribal politics, it must be noted, has destroyed a lot of African countries and most are yet to recover from the upheaval.
The Rwanda genocide of the mid-1990s was a product of one tribe blaming its shortcomings on the other.
The ethnic mix of Rwanda is the same as in Burundi and as everyone knows, they are still trying to resolve that complicated tribal rift – Hutus and Tutsis.
And for Zambians, Chief Chikwanda’s warning is appropriate as the country edges closer to the Presidential and general elections next year.
The traditional leader said the country was heading for general elections next year and tribes should not be part of the political dis-course.
“It is ‘One Zambia One Nation’ and tribal talks including claims that Government is dominated by Bembas should be condemned by all Zambians,” Chief Chikwanda said.
Anyone who tries to promote such divisive talk must be flushed out and made to undergo mental rehabilitation so that they could be aware of the country’s values.
The country’s constitution gives every Zambian equal rights in all aspects of the nation’s life and no one should discriminate against another on account of tribe.
Next year’s elections are not about endorsing tribal chiefs but national leaders who will who will offer themselves to serve the Zambian nation.
It would be folly for any politician to believe that they could win elective office through the tribal vote. That as Chief Chikwanda not-ed must not be accepted.
Zambians must continue to look up to the founding fathers for inspiration and pray that tribal politics continue to be sidelined.
What will drive and build the nation is to work as equals and realise that unity will see the country through any difficulties.


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