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Hichilema ignores President Lungu

HAKAINDE Hichilema yesterday shocked the nation after he failed to recognize the presence of President Edgar Lungu during a meeting with party presidents organized by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Even when other political party leaders acknowledged the presence of the Head of State before making a contribution, the UPND leader, Mr Hichilema did not bother to follow suit.
Throughout the two hours summit, Mr Hichilema ignored the presence of President Edgar Lungu to the surprise of everyone in the meeting and many Zambians who were following the proceedings via through the media.
After the meeting which was attended by most political party leaders and their Secretary Generals, Mr Hichilema briefed the Media and described the presidential summit as a sham.
He said the meeting was just a passing time event and that substance will be when the political parties meet the ECZ to look at the issues they are raising which included legal matters, procedural issues, regulatory issues and things that are wrong with the electoral system

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