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Lovers in trouble for stolen phone, bank transfers

TWO lovers in Chongwe are in trouble for allegedly steal- ing a phone and using it to il- legally transfer money from a bank account.

The lovers, a woman, aged 21 and a man, 22, of Kakubo and Libuko village respec-
tively have appeared in the Chongwe magistrate’s court for theft.
They are alleged to have stolen a cell phone and elec- tronically transferring funds from a bank account connect- ed to one of the Sim cards in the phone.
This is in a matter where Idah Chimba and Emmanuel
Sakala are charged with theft contrary to Section 278 of the penal code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia. They were ap- pearing for commencement of trial before magistrate Kabwe Tembo.
Particulars of the matter are that the duo stole a cell phone belonging to Chabo Mpeza. They are also alleged to have
later electronically transferred K350 from an ABSA account belonging to the complainant using a mobile account on one of the Sim cards in the phone. The incident is said to have happened on August 1, this year.
The mobile phone was an Infinix note 7 and was valued at K4, 900.00. The court heard
that the phone has not been recovered.
The court also heard that the complainant lost the phone while he was having a meal and beverages at a bar and restaurant in Chongwe between 17:00 hours and 22:00 hours.
The court adjourned the matter to November 16 for commencement of trial while the accused is on bail awaiting his next appearance in court.

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