Kudos to Secretary to Cabinet!

Dear Editor,
KUDOS to the Secretary to the Cabinet – Dr. Simon Miti – for taking this timely and remedial measures in view of the glaring Auditor-General Report on Covid-19 funds.

Action has been taken against some controlling officers for their role in the misappropriation and/or misapplication of public funds.
This is what we need to see from government that the Auditor-General’s Report is being taken seriously and acted upon.
Although the disciplinary measures taken thus far are administrative, we should also see law enforcement agencies take keen interest in the Auditor-General Report and instigate criminal prosecutions – where necessary!
Well done Secretary to the Cabinet for the timely and speedy action taken so far.
The action will help build confidence in the system and deter would-be culprits in future.
But the law enforcement agencies such as Anti-Corruption Commission, Drug Enforcement Commission and Zambia Police should also move in with their expertise where there is blatant theft and criminality beyond administrative mishaps!

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