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PATRIOTIC Front (PF) national chairperson Samuel Mukupa has directed Innocent Kalimashi popularly known as ‘ama amelicans’ and other youths involved in disrespecting the leadership to stop because it is against the principles of the party.

Mr Mukupa said youths cannot be using social media to disrespect the leaders anyhow, disregarding what the party stood for.

He was reacting to sentiments by a PF member Kalimanshi who said that the party was full of businessmen and bosses who were not helping President Edgar Lungu to actualise development.

Mr Kalimanshi had claimed in a post on his Facebook page that President Lungu was alone doing developments without the help of leaders in the party.

He said especially Members of Parliament cannot point what development they had initiated because all development including road infrastructure were initiated by Mr Lungu.

Mr Mukupa however said it was prudent that youths in the party showed the spirit of discipline.

“When you have the leadership in place you need to respect them by all cost. You cannot use any kind of platform to disrespect the leaders, what kind of party can it be if members take that route.

What I know is that members especially our youths need to have a limit. As a party we don’t not want to have indisciplined youths who want to be using any platform to insult leaders,” Mr Mukupa said.

He said from now on, no one would be tolerated for disrespecting the leadership of the party.

The national chairperson said the party can only thrive when it had disciplined members, therefore, everyone needs to take the same route.

Many times, he said, we have seen youths disrespecting the leaders, this should now come to an end.

The national chairperson said when the party continued to hold to indiscipline members they would damage its image.

“Why should be our youths be behaving like that, this is not the kind members we want. As leadership we will not condone such behavior,” he said.

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