Kapata warns squatters on public property


ALL infrastructure built on public property will be demolished without compensation, Minister of Lands and Natural resources, Jean Kapata has warned.

Ms Kapata said the government would not tolerate any illegality such as encroachments on public property which have become rampant.

She warned in an interview that those who have built on public property such as schools amd health facilities were doing it at their own peril.

“Let me warn tham that they are encroaching on public property and are doing it at their own peril, we are going to make sure that those infrastructures built on public schools and clinics are demolished without compensation,” she said.

And Ms Kapata has urged all government institutions to apply for land title as the government is in the process of carrying out the land titling exercise.

She said the government institutions should take advantage of the land titling programme to protect their land from encroachment.

The minister explained that encroachment on public property would be a thing of the past once all public institutions are put on title.

“We are on record as a ministry of having told government institutions that all infrastructure such as ministries of Health, Education should apply for land title to protect their land from encroachments,” Ms Kapata said.

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