New boreholes to end Luano water blues

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 12:58:39 +0000


KAMIMBYA water problems will soon be a thing of the past following the sinking of 10 boreholes in the area, Kamimbya ward councillor Isaac Tembo of Luano has said.

Mr. Tembo told the Daily Nation in an interview that critical shortage of water in his ward would be alleviated following government’s sinking of 10 boreholes in the ward.

Mr. Tembo said the move would go a long way in cushioning water shortages in the area as residents will be able to access the commodity easily.

“As residents of Kamimbya ward, we are very happy that government has drilled 10 boreholes in the ward to lessen water woes people have been facing. This is a relief to our women and children who are always fetching water from distant places,” Mr. Tembo said.

Mr. Tembo also said the development had cheered residents in the area.

He thanked government for listening to their cries and noted that the gesture by government was timely and in the right direction for development.

And Mr. Tembo observed that plans were under way to sink eight more boreholes in the ward to service the whole population in need of the commodity.

Mr. Tembo said the project had been approved and what was remaining was releasing of the funds to implement the water project.

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