Canisius against UPND State function ban

Sun, 11 Dec 2016 10:36:39 +0000

By Oscar Malipenga

IT is not wise for political parties to ban members from attending State functions, former United Party for National Development Vice President Canisius Banda has said.

Speaking in a wide-ranging exclusive interview with Sunday Nation, Dr. Banda said party members should be allowed to attend State functions because as the liberty of individual citizens must not be taken away.

However, Dr. Banda explained that as a registered political entity in Zambia, the UPND is free to make their own rules and regulations as long as they do not conflict with the republican Constitution, so be it.

“If they want their members to stay away from particular events, they can say that. It is entirely up to them. The followers, member of the UPND, as a matter of fact UPND is the people, sometimes the leadership misleads the people,” Dr. Banda said.

He said the leaders of the UPND should be guided by the people, adding that banning members from attending State functions is dictatorial and can cause conflict within the party.

Dr. Banda said when President Edgar Lungu recently sat with Princess Kasune in Keembe, the UPND member and anyone else should be at liberty to attend because such events are national in scope.

“The event might be to do with religious, sports, developmental, agriculture, or mining. It is not wise to boycott,” Dr. Banda said. “[Such events] add value not only to the country but even the political party that councillors and members of Parliament belong to. Boycotting every event is not wise.”

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