GBM victimisation aimed at Sata

Thu, 11 Oct 2012 09:08:02 +0000

The campaign against GBM is a direct attack on President Michael Sata and an attempt to undermine his leadership.

This is according to a group of businessmen in Kasama who have said allegations of corruption were not only contrived but delivered in a manner that would challenged the leadership qualities of President Sata who appointed Mr. Mwamba as Defence Minister.

Community spokesperson Duncan Mutumiya Mung’omba said that the allegations of corruption were a scheme hatched by a group of people with interests to serve, which interests had to dangerous ramifications for the nation.

Mr. Mung’omba said that the business community in Kasama and the rest of the province were shocked at the levels of leadership infighting in the PF.

“We issue this statement in solidarity with GBM because of the current allegations of corruption directed at him. This is a clear indication of how deep the infighting about who succeeds President Sata has reached in the ruling party. The businessmen of Kasama and Northern Province wish to stand by Mr. Mwamba for reasons that we all know that before GBM joined politics he was a well known businessman and had established his own empire.”

Mr. Mungomba said the greatest problems the PF government was facing was a Pull Him Down syndrome which has emanated within the rank and file of the party without the leadership noticing, adding that if the move was not checked, it would destroy President Sata.

He said the current corruption allegations leveled against Mr. Mwamba were aimed at bringing down President Sata’s leadership by people with ill intentions.

“We know the role Mr. Mwamba and his colleagues played in the PF from financing the party and to ensuring that President Sata became president. One thing we should be concerned about is this attempt to destroy Mr. Mwamba will not only destroy Mr. Mwamba but it is directly targeted at President Sata. It is also aimed at bringing down the PF leadership and Zambia at large because this will go into the annals of this country,” he said.

Mr. Mung’omba condemned in the strongest possible terms people using corrupt and blackmail tactics to achieve selfish aims.

“We have seen the way some newspapers and other media institutions are writing about Mr. Kabimba and Mr. Mwamba and the corruption cases both ministers are facing and comments being made. We appeal to President Sata to act with caution,” he said.

He said that Zambians were too expectant of the PF leadership and the infighting would not help the party to deliver its promises of more money in the pockets of the people.

“It is too early for people to start scheming how they want to replace President Sata when he still has four more years to go. We know that they want to force issues on President Sata using the power and influence of the media. What the people of Zambia want is jobs,” he said.

Mr. Mung’omba expressed sadness that Mr. Mwamba was portrayed to be more corrupt by some media institutions while Mr. Kabimba was their darling when both were facing similar allegations.

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