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Kitwe businessmen defends Malanji


ANOTHER businessman has backed  Foreign Affairs minister Joe Malanji’s decision to invest in a helicopter for a business venture.

Kitwe businessman Munalula Moola has said Mr Malanji was a businessman and his decision to invest in a helicopter for a hire venture was based on sound judgement and commendable and that more Zambians should be thinking of such investments.

 He said most of those complaining  were jealous of his performance in the constituency and wanted to take advantage of the purchase of the helicopter to mislead people. In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Moola said people attacking Mr Malanji over the purchase of the helicopter were stingy individuals from the opposition.

He said Zambians must strive to work hard and acquire wealth as opposed to being malicious and pointing accusing fingers at successful businessmen.

“I can assure you, that because those attacking him over the helicopter have evil intentions or motives, they will not break him because he is innocent. His interest to join politics is to serve the people. Even after losing in 2011 as Kwacha MP, he continued helping people,’’ Mr Moola said. Mr Moola said, Mr Malanji  acquired wealth from  business and has been using his own resources to help the vulnerable and churches.

“Yes, Mr Malanji has bought a chopper and today everyone is talking. People are calling for his blood but I ask why? “What wrong has he done? Those who know Mr Malanji are not bothered with this because the man started business a long time ago,” he said.


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