Mungwi councillor turns rebel

Mon, 05 Dec 2016 09:07:47 +0000

By Bennie Mundando

SUSPENDED Mfinshe ward councillor in Mungwi district Anthony Mubanga has allegedly rebelled against the Patriotic Front (PF) and gone on rampage inciting people to rise against Government for failing to complete construction works on the Mungwi District Hospital and the Nseluka-Kayambi road. But when contacted for a comment, Mr. Mubanga said it was absurd for the council to expect him to shut up after being suspended from the council through which he said he could voice his concerns. Council chairperson Gift Lwembe told the Daily Nation that Mr. Mubanga had continued with his rebellious acts against the council after being suspended and had started inciting people in the district to rise against the Government. Mr. Lwembe said three days ago, Mr. Mubanga participated in a live on-air programme dubbed “Hot Issues” on Radio Mano in Mansa where he accused the council and Government of failing to complete all developmental projects in the district with specific references to the district hospital and the Nseluka-Kayambi road. He said the council chamber was surprised that a person who was sitting in council meetings where developmental projects were discussed would rebel against the same institution to which he belonged just days after being suspended. He said Mr. Mubanga’s antagonistic approach to the council had justified his suspension because it had exposed him as a disloyal councillor to the governing party and council. “Mr. Mubanga’s suspension is now justified and people will judge him for what he is doing. How can a person who sat in the chambers with us discussing developmental projects in the district run to the media to start questioning what we are doing a few days after being suspended? When did he realise that there were projects in the district which were not completed? It is clear he just wants to continue bringing confusions in the district,” Mr. Lwembe said. Mr Lwembe said contrary to what Mr Mubanga was claiming that construction works on the district hospital had stalled, the construction of the health facility had reached roofing level and that the contractor was almost done with phase one of the works. He said the Nseluka-Kayambi road was not earmarked for construction but the works would start next year. But Mr. Mubanga said no one was going to shut him up from talking about developmental issues in the district because he was still a Zambian despite being suspended over what he termed as trumped up charges. “Where do they expect me to air my views from after they suspended me? That was a community programme on radio to which I contributed because I am a Zambian and I am entitled to talking about developmental issues in my district. No one will shut me up. It is not being antagonistic. I am just telling the truth. The construction of the district hospital has stalled just like the Nseluka-Kayambi road,” Mr Mubanga complained.

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